About Me

Born in Columbus, Ohio in March of 1952, Patty Wade has been of service to the local church since her teenage years as a volunteer, functioning in many capacities from choir member, nursery worker, kitchen worker, event hostess, Sunday School teacher, Adult Bible School instructor, among others. She attended Franklin Heights High School through 10th grade and received her GED as well as an Associate Degree in Business Technology in later years. She also took up biblical studies and graduated a three-year course from the National Outreach Bible Institute. Apart from these, Patty has also earned many other certifications throughout the years.

Patty has had experience in various occupations outside her home, ranging from Home Products Demonstration, Walk-In Claims Receptionist, Retail Store Customer Service Manager, clerical work for State Workers’ Compensation, and Overnight Residential Staff for a women’s addiction recovery center, just to name a few.

However, her professional career didn’t hinder her from serving the local church, as her spirit of volunteerism remained very much alive, given the honor to function as Children’s Church Pastor and then Youth Department Director. Under Pastor Davy Jo Hissom, Patty received her ministerial license operating in evangelism at New Life Church, and became an Associate Pastor at the New Life Church in Ripley, WV under John Wade for two years.

In later years, she and her husband John both received ordinations from Apostolic Resource Ministries and afterwards founded a non-denominational church where she served as a Co-Pastor for six years and Senior Pastor for two.

Though not serving in a pastoral capacity anymore, Patty still accepts ministry appointments as the doors open and schedule permits. She operates in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, specifically, in the areas of comfort and exhortation. Her heart is to encourage and cheer on the people of God and the world to discover, connect, and function in their unique part of the Body of Christ. She is noted for the joy of the Lord that seems to bring life to those with whom she is in connection.

Patty married her teenage sweetheart John (whom she met in church) in 1968 and is now a proud mother of four children, grandmother to 14 grandchildren and one great-grandson.