Beyond Praise – Prophetic Poem – by Patricia Wade – Oct. 1987

If the rocks cried out, OH! What a COLD, HARD sound! If only the trees did clap their hands, praise would be limited to the ground.

But WHAT if a vessel, special made by God’s Own Hands… created for this purpose in accordance to His plans … would take the breath of Life …given unto him from the nostrils of Jehovah …and breathe it back again? Breathe it back with words expressing a heart bubbling up with joy… and thanksgiving to the Creator- Our GRAND and GLORIOUS LORD!

Then we could go beyond praise…into the very throne room of God! There to worship in His Presence-, His Holiness, His Power! The FIRE of God consuming this sacrifice we raise…leaving only the sweet fragrance of TRUE worship beyond praise.

COME! Let’s GO beyond praise into TRUE worship of our King! Let’s take the breath He’s given us, and breathe it back to HIM! Breathe it back with words expressing our thankful hearts of joy…unctioned by His Holy Spirit. Come with me and worship Our Grand and Glorious Lord!

Rocks and trees are not sufficient to express His Majesty. Neither can an earthen vessel without the New Life from Christ received. Yet, a vessel full of God’s Spirit as a river then can flow into the very portals of God’s Kingdom where no mere man could ever go!

Though your human mind can’t comprehend it, MOUNT UP on Spirit wings and flow as a sweet sacrificial fragrance… unto our Lord of Lords and King of Kings! Lord, we’ve come beyond praise into true worship of YOU, OUR KING! We now take this breath you’ve given us and breathe it back again. Breathe it back with words expressing our thankful hearts of joy… unctioned by Your Holy Spirit. We worship YOU, OUR GRAND AND GLORIOUS LORD!!